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Sitting Pretty Cat Sitting &

Dog Walking Service

About Me

I have had pets all my life and am simply put, a mad cat lady and animal lover! I have four cats myself so am very experienced with our feline friends. Between myself and my children we have had most pets including dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, fish and most recently a bearded dragon lizard called Bernard!. I am originally from Burghfield Common and now live in Mortimer, so am very familiar with the local area.


I have lots of experience particularly with cats, their behaviour, temperaments, likes and needs. I also have dealt with many rescue cats and their nervous personalities who may have different requirements. 


I am also a very experienced dog walker. I offer a puppy visiting option and a dog walking service. Whether you are after a one off walk to deal with an unexpected appointment or need a regular walk for your dog(s), I can help.

Fully insured and CRB checked for your peace of mind and able to supply lots of local references, if required. I am also a member of NARPS UK, the National Association of Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers.

Why not a cattery?

Cats are highly territorial animals and very reluctant travellers. I have used catteries for my cats in the past, but really wanted to go away on hols and trips knowing my cats were happy, stress free and happy in their own environment and routine. This service takes away the stress of catteries and boarding. Each visit incorporates a bit of TLC time to fuss, groom and play with your cat.

I also include home security measures for your home, such as closing curtains / bringing in mail / watering plants and putting bins out to deter burglars.

Top tips for home security:

1. Leave lights on timers

2. Leave a radio on a timer

3. Leave curtains & blinds as you would usually leave them

4. Ask a trusted neighbour to keep an eye out

5. Don't advertise your break on social media !!!