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Sitting Pretty Cat Sitting &

Dog Walking Service


What happens at the first consultation?

If I am available for the dates you require, I will arrange a convenient time to visit to go through your booking. This will include the completion of a Booking Form and I will take all the necessary details and arrangements for your pet(s).   


All keys are kept in a secure locked place with a reference number on. Your address is not attached to the keys! My insurance covers me for key loss, however, that has never happened. I never leave keys at your property at the end of the sitting, for reasons of security or a travel delay. Keys will be returned the day after you arrive home or at a time to suit you.

What normally happens on a Visit?

All food and water bowls cleaned and replenished, along with lots of TLC for your pet(s), together with any home security measures / watering of plants etc.

What do I need to provide?

Just the regular food your pets like, and enough cat litter to cover your trip. I always carry extra stock, so not a problem if this runs out. There may be a small charge, dependent on amount used / required.

What if my cat needs medication

I am very used to giving cats tablets and medication, so this will be included free of charge.

What happens if my pet becomes ill whilst I am away?

We will go through this on the first visit as to how you would like us to handle such an emergency, should it arise. I like to take contact details of someone local, just in case you can't be reached, for any help with decision making. This is highly unlikely to happen, but for peace of mind is good to have a plan in place.

Do I need to be registered with a Vets?

Yes, it is very important your pet is registered with a local vet. I am unable to take on any pet sittings without this in place.

My cat may suffer with aggression or stress with strangers, how is this dealt with?

We can go through any such issues at the first consultation. Some cats display a mild form of aggression when a stranger enters, such as hissing, purely out of stress. So long as I am made aware, I can prepare how best to enter your home / deal with this. Felliway diffusers are a great tool for easing cats stress, they have to be plugged in 2/3 weeks before your holiday however, but they have a great calming influence on cats. These diffusers can be purchased from the Cats Protection League, with a small % being given to them :- or from most pet shops / Amazon etc. If there is an issue with your cats behaviour, please let me know.

Dog Walking

I am able to offer 1/2 hour or 1 hour walks to suit your dog(s). I will take all details of your dog(s) at first consultation and go through their usual walking behaviour, likes, dislikes and energy levels. Please note that the first couple of walks will be on lead whilst we get to know each other. If I have your permission, I will gradually begin to add time off lead so that they can run free. This will always be in a quiet, safe area away from traffic and roads. We have some lovely walks on our doorstep including the woods, commons and open fields. I have an expanding customer base for dog walking should references be required.

Cancellation Policy for Cat Sitting / Small Pet Visits

Cancellations can only be accepted up to 7 days prior to the booked dates. Cancellations made after this time will incur the full fees.