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Sitting Pretty Cat Sitting &

Dog Walking Service


With Sitting Pretty you get a very personal service. Your pets routine and your requests will be followed down to the last detail, to ensure continuity of care. I really do look after them as if they were my own. I understand it can be a worry leaving much loved pets so I always text / email with updates whilst you are away as to how your pets are doing. Lots of my customers have said this makes for a much more relaxing trip.

Cats & Small Pets home visits

An initial meeting at your house to meet your pet(s) and go through your requirements / Feeding - Daily visits to your home, as many as your pet(s) need, ensuring food areas are clean with fresh water daily /TLC / fuss and playtime for your pet(s), in their own environment, stress free / Preparation of any special dietary requirements /Administration of any medicines / Dealing with the litter tray /Basic grooming (if required) / Transportation to groomer or vets (if necessary) / Home security measures.

Dog Walking

An initial meeting at your house to meet you and your dog(s) and go through the requirements / Putting together of a care plan for your dog(s) incorporating their usual walking behaviour, likes, dislikes and energy levels.

Please note that the first couple of walks will be on lead whilst we get to know each other. If I have your permission, I will gradually begin to add time off lead so that they can have a free run. I always walk them somewhere very safe away from main roads and always deliver them back after a good towel dry! I put time into grouping the dogs together for walks who are of a similar temperament, personality and energy level. I can offer solo walks, if specifically needed, a £5.00 supplement applies for this. We are lucky to live in a great area with lots of lovely woods and fields so I always like to take them off road as much as possible.

Puppy Visits

The most stressful part of having a puppy is leaving them on their own during a working day. I can visit your home, play with your puppy and clean up any unwanted mess and feed them. Puppies require a great deal of love and attention so these companionship / care visits can include indoor or outdoor playtime. I then build these up, as the puppy grows, including a small walk from your house. Their routine at such an early stage is really important and helps them grow into confident, well socialised and happy family pets. These visits also help with the toilet training and build a strong and trusting bond for when I walk them later on.

Although the majority of my business is looking after cats and dogs, all small pets can be cared for. I have lots of experience in looking after hamsters, gerbils, rats and chickens to name a few !